We’re “DIE-ING” to Show You this Blog Post!

As most of you know from reading our “about us” page (which I’m assuming all of you have by now!), J, K, and S all met working at a printing company, Merlin Printing. With that comes a ton of perks. We have access to some of the best, and most unique machines in the business to make your cards, decorations, invitations and accessories as cool and different as can be! Take these thank you cards as an example! 

The center of the card is a piece of thick maroon paper, side one is the thank you message printed on white paper, side two, a piece of pink paper is mounted, and on top of that, the photo is mounted. At only 3.5 x 5 these little thank you cards already pack a punch with the layering technique. But so many people layer, how can you stand out?! 

Bring on the digital die cutter!

With the use of the digital die cutter, we can cut almost any shape out of paper, totally custom! This can be used for anything from custom shaped favor tags, cool shaped invites, All-In-One invitations, envelope liners or intricate pocket designs! In this case of these thank you cards, we used it to bring more depth to the layers. On the thank you message side, the words “thank you” were cut from the white paper, to reveal the maroon layer through the white, rather than simply printing the words

And don’t you think that cut out piece was left for trash! We then, very carefully, mounted that thank you on the photo side! For a total 5 layer design! 

Paired with a metallic gold custom printed envelope, this thank you card is full of texture, depth, and all around fun! 

Contact JKS Designs now (don’t wait another second!) to start planning your custom die-cut pieces today!