Tis’ the Season…to Create a Festive Holiday Card!

Hey Everyone! Thanks for taking some time to read our latest blog post. This blog is a fun one – it’s all about the JKS holiday card!

First comes the idea: A JKS Holiday card. I mean we’re fully into holiday card season (we’ve done several already,) and we all LOVE the holiday season. So why not do one for ourselves?

Next came the photo: Someone had an amazing idea – we all wear PJs! I mean who doesn’t love spending and entire Saturday in your pajamas? So we got together on a chilly November Saturday, in our pajamas, to take the JKS Holiday card photo.

Then came the props: Add in some garland, a tree skirt, some other Christmas decor & mini pies and we were ready to go!

After what felt like 500 takes (who blinked, who moved, who didn’t make in before the self timer went off,) we got a nice photo together. Please enjoys this gallery of our (many) failed attempts:

We can’t wait to show off the 2019 JKS holiday card. The plan is SUPER cool and will showcase a ton of features we loooove! If you’ve placed an order with us or referred someone to us, you may even be on our Christmas card list. Check your mail as the holiday’s get closer.

As always – keep up to date with us on social media & we’ll check back in with you soon! Enjoy the holiday season!