The Almighty JKS Wedding Stationery Cheat Sheet!

Thanks for checking in and reading the latest JKS blog post! We think you’re going to love this one, as we’re sharing some of our most valuable information – the JKS Wedding Stationery Cheat Sheet! Usually you have to set up a meeting with us or find us at a showcase to get your hands on one of these – but we’re feeling generous this week and wanted to share it with everyone! & Don’t forget – we have a showcase coming up this Monday 9/23/19 in Melville – all the info can be found on our Instagram & Facebook pages (which I’m sure you’re already following!)

On this cheat sheet we compiled some frequently asked questions, and insider tips regarding wedding stationery. Covering everything from when to start thinking about designs, to when to meet with us – we think you’ll find this cheat sheet super helpful during your wedding planning process! Check it out below!

If you want even more information from us OR have a question that you think would be a good addition to this cheat sheet – feel free to contact us! We’d love to hear your feedback and opinions and update our cheat sheet to be as current and informative as possible!

Til next time!