What it REALLY means to order “custom” invites!

Picture this- Your friend is getting married! She is going on and on about her decorations, theme, her dress, venue, etc. and mentions her CUSTOM INVITATIONS! How cool you think! “Yeah” —your friend says— “I got them online, all I had to do is pick a design, change my colors, add my information in, and I got a totally custom invite!”  


So many people use the words custom and customize interchangeably.  But very few people realize there is a difference.  Especially in an art based industry.  At JKS designs, we do all custom work.  That means, we design for YOU.  We have a sample book for reference, but those are somebody else’s custom designs we made for them.  Think of it this way… If you decide you want a custom-made wedding dress what do you do?

You don’t go buy a finished wedding dress, remove the embellishments, and put a different embellishment on. That is customizing an already made dress! You would instead, buy the fabric, buy the beads, the lace, the jewels, and bring them to a custom dress maker, who would then build the dress from the bottom up!

Let’s apply the same concept to wedding invitations.

You look for a custom invitation and find an online-based site! Everything looks great, and it is time to customize. You choose an invite, change your name, date location etc, and make the purple flowers red to match your theme! Boom! You’re done with your “custom” invite. 

Except that is isn’t custom.  Another 100, 1000, maybe even more, have the same invitation as you with just a slight variation, if any!

Now, you make your appointment with JKS Designs! You sit down, you look at our book and your invitation starts as a blank slate.

We talk, we get to know you, your theme, your colors and your dress.  It is like you are chatting with a friend.  By the end of the meeting, we know you, we know what you want.  And just like that dressmaker, we build.  From the bottom up!

Now, you leave with a one of a kind invitation.  Plus the opportunity to mix and match and make changes on the numerous options you get to chose from! Catered to you and only you, no one else will have it, it is totally CUSTOM. Keep this in mind and take it with you when planning your wedding, do you want to stand out? Or just be like hundreds of others.

Book your appointment, and stand out with a custom invitation from JKS Designs!