The Party Don’t Start til I….Match My Invitation with the Perfect Envelope

Welcome back Everyone!

Today we’re focusing on one of our favorite things – custom printed envelopes. Nothing makes us happier than pairing an invitation, save the date, or really any card you’re going to mail with a matching envelope. We have tons of colors to choose from and the design options are endless!

It’s SO simple to create an envelope for your package. If we’re designing your invitation (which we hope we are,) then all we need is your guest list. You can provide us with an Excel or Google Sheets document, or if you have the addresses written out somewhere else, we can transfer them to a spreadsheet for you to make it even easier.

If we’re not designing your invitations, we can still create a beautiful envelope for you to save you from having to write all your addresses by hand! In addition to your guest list, we would just need a picture or sample of the invitation you’re pairing it with so we can pull some design inspiration from it (fonts, colors, etc) and create an envelope that matches perfectly!

To better show you what we mean, we’re going to use a postponement card we completed recently as an example. Here is what the final design looked like:

Take a second to compose yourself after taking in the beauty that was this postponement – with a picture like that the card was such a breeze to design bc the pic basically speaks for itself!

Now, take a look at how we used similar design elements to create several different envelope designs that match:

As with all of our custom work, the designs can be mixed and matched and played with to create the perfect envelope. In this case one envelope spoke to the couple as-is, and the package was complete!

We hope you loved this post as much as we loved writing it – til next time,