Assembly – the options are (almost,) endless!

Welcome back to yet another, JKS blog post! Thanks for taking the time to check out our latest post and keep up with what we’re up to! Today we’re talking – assembly options! All the different ways you can take your invitation & put it together in a beautiful way!

The first step to designing your invite is to choose the style of invite you want to work with! The options are almost endless, if you think of it, we can make it work. Here are a few basic options we have to work with!

Flat Cards

A flat card invite is exactly what it sounds like – it is one piece of paper with all of your wedding information printed on it.  You can still opt to have additional cards added to this such as a details or RSVP card.  You can also add layers to spruce it up, by mounting the printed piece on a piece (or two!) of metallic or glitter colored paper for a pop of color!

No mounted layer, single layer & double layer mounted invites

Pocket Invites

Pocket invites are good for when you have many cards and want to keep your invite organized, or if you just like the look! It is also another way to add color to your invite.  You can choose between a folded pocket, which has a flap to cover the invite, or a panel pocket, where the pocket is on the back of your flat card style invite.  Both of these options can be made with layers like the flat card option for some extra pop!

Traditional pocket & panel pocket

Assembly Options

After you have chosen your invite (flat card or pocket) it is now time to start thinking about how you would like your package to be assembled. Below we’ll discuss the many options we love!

For the folded pockets, closing with a paper seal or a seal with a belly band is a great option! The belly band can be whatever material you choose (vellum, glitter, solid Color, or custom designed & printed). The point of the belly band is that it wraps everything together and keeps the pocket closed. It is also a fantastic way to add a pop of color to your invitation package!

Mounted circle seal & belly band w/ mounted seal

For a Flat card (with or without layers) a belly band will work for that as well! Stuffing invitation, inserts and rsvp into belly band keeps it snug and makes it so you don’t lose anything as you lift if out of the envelope. You can even add a decorative seal to that as well! Seals can be cut to almost any shape you’d like, our most popular are the classic square or circle!

Belly bands over flat cards allow you to slide all your cards seamlessly in the back

Another great way to keep everything together and organized would be to use lace, twine or ribbon. This has the same effect as the belly band, keeping everything snug, adding a pop of color, and in this case, texture and depth! With the ribbon you have a second option, instead of a tie you can add a decorative seal to that as well, similar to a belly band style! 

RIbbon, twine, and lace assembly over a flat card

Another way to make you invite stand out among others is to incorporate a wax seal! A wax seal can be used to close your folded pocket, or to hold your ribbon or twine in place on the front of an invitation. Fun fact: you can opt to use scented wax for a wax seal! How fun is that??

Lastly, don’t forget about your envelopes! Be sure to consider adding a solid or custom designed envelope liner to your package! 

Wax seal over a flat card & pocket
Solid vs custom envelope liner

With all of these options (and more,) we can work up the perfect invitation for ANY event! We also offer all in one, clear acrylic & vellum invites! I have a feeling you’ll see some blog posts about these options over the next few weeks if you’re keeping up with our social media pages! If you’re new to our page (first of all hello,) don’t forget to follow all our social media accounts, or drop us a line to discuss your invitation needs!

Til our next post,