JKS (& Sometimes N!)

JKS & N at our final 2019 meeting!

Hi Everyone! Hope you all enjoyed the holiday season and 2020 started out amazing! This blog post is a bit different from our usual posts. This week our blog post is coming to you from our graphic design intern, Nicole! She’s been providing some fantastic designs & ideas for us over the last several months. We asked her to write a bog post for us, and she delivered! Check out what our intern Nicole had to say about being an intern at JKS:

“When I tell someone I have an internship, I receive a mixed feedback. Some are enthusiastic to hear about it, and others-well others reflect their negative internship experience and assumptions onto me. What the latter doesn’t know is my personal experience being the Graphic Design Intern for JKS Designs feels nothing like an internship. Allow me to explain! 

When Sam asked if I would be interested in being an intern with JKS Designs, I was thrilled. I am very passionate about graphic design, but I feel that with school and my job, I don’t really set aside enough time for me to work on fun projects. I love getting my weekly assignments from the JKS team, and also having the creative liberty to show my ideas to them. I really feel involved, especially when I join their weekly meetings. The meetings are always fun (we obviously get down to business) & it’s nice knowing I also have a personal relationship with them. It’s very motivating being apart of something you feel welcome in.  

When I first started with them, I knew little-to-nothing about InDesign, but I have learned so much from what Kayla and Sam have taught me. During our meetings, I get honest opinions on my weekly work, and it’s so nice to hear what they have to say. From Kayla and Sam’s graphic design knowledge, to Julia’s “Wow! That is so pretty!!” (She’s the numbers/business person, but her feedback also helps). I admire these girls so much, and being able to work on something so big with them makes me feel like I’m contributing to something important.  Knowing that my work is shown to clients validates that what I am creating is special, especially when I get to personally hear what they thought about it. All in all, I hope more people start to realize that internships are great, especially this one!”

We’re not crying, YOU are!! Til next time!

-The JKS Team