Welcome to Our Welcome Sign Blog Post…

Our first Summer as a company has officially come to an end – and boy it was a busy one! We’ve been hard at work producing multiple invite packages for weddings and birthdays, as well as tons of fun extras. For today’s post we wanted to feature some insight into the production of the wooden welcome sign we posted on our social media yesterday. Don’t worry we’ll include the pic if you haven’t followed us on social media yet (but seriously what are you waiting for?!)

A welcome sign is a perfect added decor item for people to see either as they enter your reception area. They can be printed with names & the date, your wedding hash tag, or even a thank you message to your guests. There are tons of options for materials, shapes and sizes & this sign was particularly beautiful bc it was printed on actual wood!

To get started we had to purchase a piece of wood. Picking out the perfect piece is a crucial step! We had to ensure that there were no imperfections in the wood that would show on the finished product. Then we had to cut the wood to size – another crucial step! Our printer would not be able to print on a piece of material that didn’t exactly match the specifications of our design file – so making sure the wood was the exact right size is very important.

Next step – stain! We wanted to make sure we picked the perfect color to contrast the design of the sign, and go with the aesthetic of the rest of the items we produced for this wedding. See below for the team checking that the board was evenly stained on all sides. We only had stain on our hands (and feet & legs – sorry Sam,) for about a day so this was a major success!

The final step – PRINT! This step is particularly stressful for us. If something goes wrong during the print stage, we’d have to start from scratch. Luckily we have the most amazing printer who knocked it out of the park with no trouble! And finally the welcome sign was complete. All of our hard work came together and we were so proud of how it turned out. We were so excited to deliver this beauty to the couple – and we hope they loved it just as much as we did!

Stay tuned for more from the JKS team as we continue to provide high quality, custom designs and printed goods for all kinds of events!