Launch Day Has Arrived!

At one of our many business meetings (back when this company was still an idea,) we discussed when we wanted to “launch” officially. We decided on April 15. At the time it seemed so far away, but luckily that time FLEW.

And now it’s finally arrived! April 15, 2019 – our official first day. We’ve finally introduced our new project to the world. The outpouring of support we’ve all received has been overwhelming (in the best way!) To everyone who checked out our site or social media pages, or who liked, commented and shared our posts – THANK YOU! It is because of all our amazing friends and family that we’re able to put everything we have into this company. We can’t put into words how much all of this support is appreciated!

We’ve already got big plans for the rest of 2019 – stay tuned for all that’s yet to come!