Prepping for Launch Day!

Our official launch day is April 15, 2019. We’re putting the final finishing touches on our website, finalizing sample books, deciding where to advertise, and making a thousand other decisions in preparation for that day. We want to make sure that we’re as prepared as we can be when we start meeting with clients. The last few months have finally lead up to this moment and we want it to be perfect!

One item on our to-do list was taking a nice group picture for our “About Us” page on our website. This was easier said than done (see below for an out take from this “photo shoot.”)

The best part about starting this business has been starting it with two amazing coworkers, friends, and now business partners. We’ve developed such a close and special bond since we started this adventure and I can’t imagine having two other people by my side through it all! I can’t wait to see what the next few months (& hopefully years,) have in store for us as we venture into operating our own business. Based on how things have been going I KNOW that we’re headed toward more laughter and great memories together!