Getting started…

Starting a company is no simple feat. The three of us have been working so hard to make sure that we’re 100% ready for our official launch. After establishing our name and logo (which is so much fun when you have two AMAZING designers on your team,) we started getting into all the nitty gritty little decisions that needed to be made. Luckily, our chemistry and ideas were all in alignment and this seemingly stressful process, ended up being a fun and exciting time for all three of us. And now the time has come for us to FINALLY share all of our hard work with the world.

When first starting out, it’s easy to doubt yourself. But I kept coming back to these words

Everything you’ve ever wanted is on the other side of fear

George Addair

The fear of failure is inevitable when taking a risk. JKS Designs is a risk that all three of us are willing to take. We’ve been giving it our all for months and it’s finally time to share that work with the world. Here’s hoping that this risk pays off and soon we’ll have crossed that bridge and the fear will be behind us! Thanks for stopping by and reading our post – and remember to keep coming back to see what other new and exciting risks we’re going to take!